Pelagic knits makes colorful, comfortable wearables. The fibers are primarily wool and may include a blend of alpaca, mohair, llama, silk, bamboo, or camel to enhance strength, texture, or softness. Many pieces also contain yarn that’s been hand-dyed with flowers from the garden, lichen from the branches of fallen trees, or other natural colorants I’ve acquired through my travels. All designs are original and each piece is one of a kind.


To see what is available for purchase, visit my etsy shop. Otherwise, please contact me to shop locally for available items.

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I live in Brasstown, NC.

Autumn Joy

An autumn evening bonfire. A clear day on skates. Muddy feet as the snow melts. Incorporating naturally dyed homespun, this snug fitting, medium weight hat carries you from the first turning leaf through the first tulips.