Pelagic soap makes luxuriously lathering, delicately scented, all-natural soaps with intention of nutrifying your skin.  After all, it's the largest part of your body and the immune system's first defense.  Your skin is working hard, day and night, so why not treat it with a little love.  Make pelagic soaps a part of your self care routine, for your mind, body and spirit.


All pelagic soaps are made with a blend of nourishing vegetable oils, colored and textured with herbs and spices, and enriched with the purest essential oils for added nutrients and a soothing aroma.  Soap, a salt made from mixing oils and sodium hydroxide, becomes a tiny ocean when used.​


Soaps for purchase can be found here. Otherwise, please find me at craft shows for a complete assortment of available items. 

Learn to make your own soap, customized to delight the senses, from the nose to the toes. See the calendar for upcoming workshops or schedule a private class.

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I live in Brasstown, NC.